Somewhere Over the….

Okay, well I don’t have any rainbows.  I seem to always be driving when I see them, and for the sake of safety I have never tried to document one of these beautiful events.  As you can tell, this week’s photo prompt is about Rainbows.  While I don’t have any actual rainbows, I’m pretty sure I have every color of said rainbow floating about somewhere.  Lets see what I can find.

This grouping is from previously submitted photos.  Now the real question is can I produce this rainbow again from photos that I have never posted here… lets just see.

That was harder than I thought it would be.  I had to exploit some technicalities with the production of a couple of these.  Especially orange.  You haven’t seen this photo before, however, you have seen a photo similar to it before.  Okay… I’m done!

I hope you all enjoyed my little “rainbows” this week.  I definitely enjoyed the hunt in finding it for you :).  Don’t forget to post your comments and let me know what you thought.  Have a great weekend every one!  See you tomorrow.


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I'm a Mother, a Military Wife, a Student, a Blogger, and an Amateur Photographer. I may wear many hats, but deep down I'm still me.

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