Have You Ever…

had something that you actually enjoyed be ruined by someone?  That is how I feel about Programming.  In the beginning I actually enjoyed this class.  To a degree I still do.  However, my Professor is “less than helpful”.  I am putting that nicely… what I really wanted to say isn’t very PC.

Last week we were going over functions.  The functions I understood.  However I didn’t understand what the homework was… to write functions or to write programs with functions.  I did both.  I asked for help before I decided to submit both, but the response I got made no sense.  I was sitting there reading her response over and over like, did this woman fall out the handicap door on the short bus?  She gave me a 50% on that assignment because she “shouldn’t have to look for the answer to the question”.  Really bitch?  I asked you what you wanted you chose to speak in Haiku’s instead of answer the friggin question.  Anyway, I let it go.

This week we are doing array’s.  I asked a friend I met back in Colorado for help.  My teacher is “less than helpful” and this person has some coding experience so there ya go.  They introduced me to a variable that isn’t in our book called swap.  That helped me get a function to work backward and forward so I was very happy about that.  However I can just imagine what she will do to my score when she sees it.  Like I said, it’s not in our book.  I turned it in any way.  I’ll deal with the fall out later.

I was resistant to this class, but I grew to enjoy it.  Enjoyment can only go so far when you are frustrated not only by the work but by the instructor.  My Networking teachers weren’t a laugh a minute but they knew what they were doing.  Well mostly.  This woman offended me off top when I told her I wasn’t a programming student but a networking student, by saying I’d do better if I were a programming student because networkers aren’t broad enough in their knowledge.  Then when I have asked for help she let me flounder and seemed to take enjoyment from my failure.

6 more weeks people… 6 more weeks.

My grade is currently a 92.65%.  Last week I decided I would be okay if this class shattered my perfect 4.0 GPA.  If I walk away with a  B… I’d be okay with that.  I’m on my own for the most part and getting very little help.  The teacher is useless and I checked with the school, online tutoring is not an option.  So yeah… I’d survive a B if it came to that.

Have you ever enjoyed something that someone ruined for you?

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