Family Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday all of us piled into our vehicles and headed off to the National Zoo in Washington DC.  I made really good time getting there and then of course you get to DC and traffic comes to a screeching halt.  Why must they do construction in the spring and summer?  Anyway…


Fun was had by all.  I think the adults enjoyed the zoo just a tad bit more than the children did.  Even on such a hot and humid day.  I hate going to the zoo and getting there and most of the animals that you came to see are nowhere to be found.  Or in a situation like the panda enclosure there were none outside.  Only one is visible and he is in the indoor enclosure, and there is a wall of people in front of the glass so you can’t see him at all.


We went and I’m telling you, a third of the animals weren’t even out.  Horrible.  Want to know what was worse?  There were no giraffes :O.  I know, I was shocked too, I LOVE giraffes.  And as you can see, no bears were on display.  Ruined my whole Lions & Tigers & Bears (oh my) schtick lol


The last photo I am going to share with you today is of this guy.  He was a hoot.  He sat in that corner swimming in circles watching a guy standing off to my right and his tiger stripped balloon.  Every time the balloon tapped the glass…


He tried to eat it.  Hilarious.  I could totally hear him saying “MINE!” Yes I know, the ones in the movie were seagulls and not pelicans but I think it still applies lol.  Okay guys go enjoy your Sunday.  I am headed off to Ikea for picture frames and then off to the commissary for some groceries.  What I should be doing is taking a nap though, I am still tired from yesterday.  BFN!


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