Color My World – Gray

Today’s Crayola color is Gray.  Living in Maryland, winters are pretty gray, so gray is an easy color for me to find in photos without having to turn perfectly good photos black and white.  However, I wanted to post something more uplifting than a photo of a gray and cloudy day.  So then I remembered I had unedited shots of my favorite fountain.


I love this fountain and since gray just so happens to be my favorite color, today’s post is a win win for me.  I hope you enjoyed it as well.  Have a great day everyone!


Good Morning – The Grades are In

This week is the break between terms.  The new term starts on Sunday technically.  However, I will get a sneak peek on Friday.  Let’s hope that I don’t discussion boards in both classes shall we?  I really hate discussion boards.  That isn’t exactly a secret around here.  Next term’s classes are Information Technology Architectures and Introduction to Website Development.

Grades are posted and are as follows:

Structured Query Language for Data Management – 99.81% (got a 100% on my final!)

Introduction to Project Management – 98.06%

I’m very satisfied with how things went this term.  I really enjoyed SQL and I had an awesome professor who gave me his number in case I need any help in the future.  He’s so awesome.

Today is Thursday, I relaxed the majority of the first half of the week and spent time with the hubs.  So now I am working on laundry and preparing myself (mentally) for the start of a new set of classes.  Oh and watching DVR, because it is half full and I have a lot of stuff scheduled to record tonight so I need to get through some of my shows.

Got any plans today?  Working for the weekend?  Let me know how you’re doing in the comments below.